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    When the tracks get mastered


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    When the tracks get mastered

    Post by SERFJT on Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:22 am

    For the music to be heartening, it has to be technically sound. The level of loudness is decided at the mastering stage. Mastering is the last and most crucial phase of music making. During this phase, music is tweaked to bring the best out of it. Mastering is performed inside a mastering studio with equipments that cater to the needs of musicians. It is essential if the music is to compete in the music market. The process involves transferring the source code having the final mix to a single format or the Master. The mastered file can then be used for making copies through duplication, replication or pressing. Mastering is essential when there is more than one track in the album. The process of mastering makes the volume of the tracks, uniform. This would ensure that the volume is not adjusted every time the track changes. The quality of the tracks is enhanced when the noise in the background is diminished. Often times mastering is mistaken as something done to enhance the loudness of the track. However in actuality, mastering is something that reduces the difference between loud and quiet. This can be done by a number of ways like through compression, equalization, limiting, clipping etc. The need for mastering services has led to the introduction of music mastering online. audio mastering onlinehas become popular owing to its benefits like easy accessibility and affordability. The online audio mastering services are as qualitative as that of the attended mastering services.

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