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    Fight Hair Loss with Herbal Products



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    Fight Hair Loss with Herbal Products

    Post by Rydberg on Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:06 am

    Autumn or Sharad has always been metaphorical for the dusk or ceasing of life. The fall states that it is time for the old to make way for the new. The changes in the atmosphere denotes the changes that is to be adopted in the lifestyle. The ashwin karthik maas brings a clear and pleasant atmosphere with it. Due to the aggravation of Pita, Ritucharya prescribes an ayurveda diet with bitter and sweet rasa helpful for pita shaman.

    The purification of body with Virechana and Raktmokshan is to be done at the beginning of the season. A diet including rice, wheat, moong dal, gooseberry (the beneficial bitter sweet food), ginger and ghee is to be included in Sharad. Alcohol, hot spices, garlic can aggravate the Pita dosha. Heavy food, oil, curd are not advisable. The digestive power or what is known as Jathar Agni is moderate during this season.

    The lifestyle changes include the wearing of suitable light clothes. The body should be saved from direct sunlight and the eastern winds as both attack the body in a harshly. Taking a nap at day also interferes with the digestion and dosha. The moonlight effect on body when exposed after applying Usher is very effective during this season. The special foods that are included by the herbal healers are shali rice, sathi rice, yav, and gehun- all being sanskrit names. Consuming honey, parval, sugar products in the diet. Supplements and medicinal preparations of Amalaki and Draksha is recorded in Ritucharya.

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