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    Post by thenextdeena on Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:46 pm

    so I am focusing on the 1500 this year but will also be running the 3k.
    So far I've been doing 8-9k runs daily for mileage @ 5 minute pace. One speedwork a week, (intervals 400-600) and one longish run 12k.
    this week we had training camp so I did 3 speedworkouts and 3 mileage runs
    I am on a track club but also run for my school track team. I am for sure practicing with my club tuesday ( we do speedwork) and I want to do at least one speedwork with my school team, should I do only mileage runs other than those two days? or should I do a tempo run or a fartlek run too? and a long run? and should I do weights once or twice a week? I don't want to overtrain and I have a tendency to do that but I want to be very strong. I need to peak in 10 weeks.
    Advice would be reallllly appreciated! sorry my message is so long I'm just really confused
    Running With Scissors

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    Re: training

    Post by Running With Scissors on Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:58 pm

    This is what I did this week and I'm doing (as far as I know) the 800 and 1600.
    Monday- 5 mile started slow and finished fast. Lift.
    Tuesday- 10x400 3 minute rest.
    Wednesday- Bomb Threat didn't do anything but probably would have done a easy 4.
    Thursday- 20x200's equal rest
    Friday- 5 mile tempo. Lift.
    Sat-Sun- Rest one day, distance the other

    I think this is a good time of plan to follow for the 8 and 16(15). 2 speed workouts. 1 distance. 1 rest. 1 easy. 1 tempo. 1 build up run. And lift when ever you feel good.
    Since your doing the 3k as well you may want to take out something and add another distance run.


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    Re: training

    Post by hannah on Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:54 pm

    i think that you could do 1 tempo or fartlek type run in addition to a long run (like RWS' plan) and not overdo it, as long as you listen to your body. it probably depends on what your weight training is, but i think 2 days a week is fine and not overdoing it at all. i'm also not very well qualified to give advice, so you should probably get another opinion :-)

    but definitely talk to your coaches and coordinate what you're doing and ask them for a weekly plan, if you haven't already. it might make you less confused, it'd help prevent conflicting workouts, and they know what's happening with your training better than we do so they can tell how you're responding.
    good luck with your season! (and i hope this helps)

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    Re: training

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