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    life is unfair


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    Re: life is unfair

    Post by FinishingKick on Thu Nov 20, 2008 8:09 pm

    CT Track wrote:It's obviously a mix between the coach and the athletes, but school size makes a huge difference. The best schools in Connecticut are all big schools. There are some smaller schools that are good, but the best is Danbury. Danbury, being probably the biggest school in the state has kids from everywhere to bring in athletes. Also bigger schools tend to have bigger budgets. Danbury has state of the art facilities and access to pools and aqua jogging areas and a very good track.

    To bring a different perspective on the same example, the coach means a lot more than the athlete. There can be a lot of talent at a school, but some kids won't even go out for the team if the coach isn't respected or credible. If a coach can get his athletes to believe and provide the best training possible it goes a long way. When coaches basically tell you to go out and run, results pretty much depend on the kids. But when a coach can get you to do all the little things right, the athletes have to spend less time stressing the big things and can focus on a few main goals.
    To give you another perspective, we don't have fancy facilities and our coaches certainly don't attract people from other sports, yet we're still good.
    CT Track

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    Re: life is unfair

    Post by CT Track on Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:11 pm

    While facilities don't make the team, it's obviously not slowing anything down. Also leading towards the second point, I never said anything about coaches attracting players from other sports. I do however believe a coach with no motivation is a lot bigger a deterrent than an athlete with no motivation. And at the same token, I believe a coach with too much motivation can hinder the team's ability also.

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