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    Greatest/Worst Running Moment(s)


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    Re: Greatest/Worst Running Moment(s)

    Post by Pinthin on Fri Aug 08, 2008 7:01 pm

    Best: during the 4x4 my team was 2nd to last and I was the anchor and ended up passing two girls and we got second =]
    (my coach threw us in there last second too, like no one had spikes on or even got to was dumb)

    Worst: last year at districts for xc, I was injured and doctors wasnt sure what it was..I almost got last!! Girls I usually beat on my team by a ton started passing me..I just started crying and then that led to side aches and I felt like a total baby but I was just so frustrated because I wasn't even tired but my legs were sooo dead and broken. At the end I wasnt even breathing hard, worst race ever.

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    Re: Greatest/Worst Running Moment(s)

    Post by AudienceOfOne on Sat Aug 09, 2008 1:06 pm

    funrunner wrote:Worst: Freshman XC time trial. 24:5x.
    I'll come up with a best later.
    lol what happened?

    1600/4:52.3 3200/10:17.5 5000 XC/16:47

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    Re: Greatest/Worst Running Moment(s)

    Post by runnergirl93 on Sat Aug 09, 2008 8:12 pm

    good:i think when i randomly ran the 600 in indoor. i was in a slow heat thinking i wouldnt do good. but i ended up winning my heat by 75 or 100 meters and beating times of 3 faster heats infront of me.

    bad:worst moment puking after every 800 i ran at a practice speed workout.

    idk i couldnt think of anything better than this.

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    Re: Greatest/Worst Running Moment(s)

    Post by Triathlete on Sun Aug 17, 2008 11:07 pm

    worst: i was a few hours into this triathlon when i started the run and i was so ready to blow these guys away like i would on any day. but for some reason i couldnt hold my usual pace and i blew up. i started to cramp in my legs and i was forced to walk a few times. my competition was flying by me and i couldnt do anything about it. i was pissed and told myself that would never happen again.

    best: i ran a pretty fast mile after a little bit of training so i was confident. and i decided to race a 12k. it hurt so bad lol. thats a bad memory but when i finished i was really happy and that basically started my running career.

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    Re: Greatest/Worst Running Moment(s)

    Post by sub5trackgrl on Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:19 pm

    Best: has to be the 4:48 mile. But breaking 5:00 for the first time comes really really close, because that felt amazing. Breaking 11:00 for the first time is up there too.

    Worst: 63rd in the state my sophomore year for cross country ater being 6th freshman year. I was annemic but did not know it.

    The Waterboy

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    Re: Greatest/Worst Running Moment(s)

    Post by The Waterboy on Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:12 am

    Mine are the same.

    Going into our state qualifier meet for winter, our 4 * 800's best time was 9:06. Everyone of us had run roughly a 2:16-17 split. Top two teams go to states, so we were not expecting at all to qualify, especially with going against teams running sub 8:20's, it would just be a meet to try to pr.

    My friend, who is normally the anchor for our team, goes first at the request of my coach. His best 800 was 2:13, but he decides to push like hell and pr by 8 seconds. This not only gets him a 2:05 split, which is pretty good indoors, but
    in puts our team in second place, right behind the leader. He ran the race with negative splits, running a 65 first 400 and a 60 last 400, going from last place to second in the last 200.

    I get the baton from him and I didn't have any choice but to start fast. I started with a 59ish split for the first 400. I held my place (2nd place) for another 100 meters, then died in the last 300. I didn't fade to last place, but I got passed by a lot of people and was definitely close to it. My last 400 was 73.

    It was my best running moment in that I pr'd in the 800 (2:12), as well as every other member of my team. We got 8:48 as a whole, an 18 second overall pr.

    It was my worst running moment in that it was a poorly run race, (burning in the beginning and later paying for it) and that I lost all hope of our team qualifying for states.

    sorry for the long post

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    Re: Greatest/Worst Running Moment(s)

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